Trans World Trading Co., Inc. started undertaking corporate social responsibility projects long before CSR came into national consciousness of Philippine firms. Its founder, Don Pablo K. T. Uy came from very humble beginnings.  Through hard work and perseverance, he was able to complete his education and succeed in his business endeavors. It was his life-long vision to return to society the blessings which he and his family have been favored with.  During his lifetime and while leading Trans World, he extended assistance to underprivileged but deserving students to pursue an education.  He gave scholarships and supported various biblical schools and missionary activities.

A few years after his death in 1974, the Don Pablo K.T. Uy Foundation was established to institutionalize the dream of Don Pablo, promote his vision and ensure continuity of his mission. The members of the Foundation have vowed to carry on Don Pablo’s legacy.  To this day, the Foundation has provided scholarship grants to qualified or deserving students from Elementary to Post-Graduate levels.  Trans World Trading Co., Inc. has provided administrative and financial support to the Foundation, aside from having volunteers from its staff help operationalize the projects and activities of the Foundation.