Responsible Care

Trans World Trading Co., Inc., with its Logistics Center located in Laguna Technopark in Binan, is a solid proponent of Responsible Care and maintains a high standard of occupational health and safety awareness throughout its organization.  This awareness is regularly reinforced through various activities and programs to allow all direct and indirect employees to keep everyone physically fit and mentally prepared in doing their respective tasks.  The company adheres to all legislative and pertinent legal requirements to achieve sustainability in enforcing Responsible Care initiatives inside and outside the company.

Trans World Trading Co., Inc. is committed to the following Responsible Care codes.  

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Product Stewardship
  • Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention
  • Transportation Distribution and Safety
  • Security
  • Community Awareness and Emergency Response

With its decades-long success in trading raw materials and chemicals, Trans World has undertaken measures to promote safety awareness and various safe handling methods to reduce environmental risks in the workplace. A well-supplied Company Clinic and numerous first aid kits are accessible within the workplace.

Safety signages, railings, pedestrian lanes and emergency facilities are installed in appropriate places for easy access and guidance.  Awareness in handling chemicals extends to their application as well as their safe disposal. 

The facilities and systems in the Logistics Center consist of an efficient inventory system that  minimizes human error, cold storage rooms that are well maintained and kept at appropriate temperatures, and suitable barriers such as  screens, roll up doors and transparent curtains to prevent birds and pests from penetrating the warehouse.  Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention is meticulously practiced, with several waste segregation bins and spill kits located at various points within the facility.  Hazardous wastes are separated from other materials to prevent contamination.  Security is of utmost concern, with separate storage areas for regulated and controlled chemicals with 24-hour Guard tour systems in place.

Transportation and Distribution systems are continuously being improved through education and technology.  Drivers of trucks are required to undergo Defensive Driving training and are provided with Material Safety Data Sheet/Transport Emergency Cards, a list of emergency hotlines, first aid kits, flashlights and cellphones.  Each driver is also checked for blood pressure and their breath analyzed for alcohol consumption before being deployed for duty. 

Aside from its employees, Trans World also safeguards the interest of all who visit the Logistics Center by providing safety orientation, assistance and immediate emergency response.  An Incident Command System and Crisis Management Team have been established to manage incidents and address critical and emergency situations.  An Emergency Evacuation Route is specified and clearly designated in the premises with glow in the dark signs leading to emergency exits.   

The company is likewise committed to sustainable development and community outreach activities by providing academic scholarships through the Don Pablo K. T. Uy Foundation and supporting important projects at the barangay level and programs of national non-government organizations such as Habitat for Humanity Philippines.   Trans World Trading Co., Inc. maintains a culture  that prioritizes quality service to its customers while  ensuring the safety of its employees and stakeholders to sustain  its overall contribution to the community and the country. 

Responsible Care