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Animal Health and Nutrition Division

About the Division

The Animal Health and Nutrition Division has been in the industry for more than 30 years, providing the animal industry with quality products to meet their requirements. 

We firmly believe that both animal health and nutrition are strongly linked together and that is the reason behind our animal health and nutrition division’s continuous sourcing for reliable products from reputable companies worldwide to serve the animal industry in helping farmers meeting  the ever changing climate of food consumers demand. Our team handle by people with technical knowledge continuously, search, evaluate products so we can supply the market with proven products to attain safe animal feeds for safe food for mankind.

We continuously strive  to search and evaluate new products that can create solutions to farmers to address the every day challenges in the animal industry.

A History of Shared Success

In the 1980s, Trans World Trading Co., Inc., ventured in the animal industry when it started to handle commodities items from leading international and local companies. 

In the 1990s , the company began to carry specialized products for the  animal feeds and being handle and manage by technical people employed by the company.  In the 21 st century, with the environmental, governmental and market forces in the global food system shifting daily, consumers want assurances to the quality of animal feed and later animals they produce, and can meet government regulations that will change the way they operate. Their local environment requires tailored solutions drawn from deep expertise. Our team continuously advance themselves so they are ready to help you meet these complex challenges as you grow your business to the next level.

"At Trans World Trading we believe that safe animal feeds bring safe food to our table."

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