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Food Ingredients

Cocoa Powder

Premium Cocoa Powders

A wide range of cocoa powder is available for your specific requirement. Bensdorp is a premium type of cocoa powder made from 100% African beans. The color ranges from medium brown to deep dark red, and with distinct flavor that can suite your taste.

pH range: 7.1 – 8.1

Fat content: 10 – 12% and 22 – 24%

Packaging: 8 kg/box and 25 kg/Kraft bag



Standard Cocoa Powders

The DF series of Barry Callebaut is the standard type of cocoa powders which has the combination of Asian and African beans. The color ranges from medium brown to dark brown.

pH range: 6.8 - 8.5

Fat content: 10 – 12%

Packaging: 25 kg/Kraft bag



Specialty Cocoa Powders

Branded as Bensdorp, this is also a premium cocoa powder which offers a distinct and functional characteristic that can enhance your products. The cocoa beans are grown in a specific location, taken carefully to maintain the highest quality.

Acticoa® – a functional type of cocoa that has high content of flavanols which helps to improve blood circulation.

Natural dark – a Natural cocoa powder but dark in color.

Ebony – black cocoa powder that can be used as colorant and additional flavor as well.