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Printing Materials and Machinery Group


The Printing Materials and Machinery Group handles the sales of various printing consumables such as Printing inks and Plates for Offset, Letterpress and Flexo applications. It serves the needs of Printers for a wide range of printed products from book, magazines, leaflets, calendars, wrappers, and packaging cartons, to stickers, labels, plastic films and even corrugated boxes.

Other complementary consumables such as Single and Double sided Adhesive Tapes, Anti-tack Spray Powder, Rubber Printing Blankets, Overprint Varnishes, and Thermal Lamination Films are also included in its product range.

As Trans World Trading Co., Inc.’s contribution to the advancement and development of Printing in the country, it has recently included the latest technology in environment friendly Plate processing machinery which uses water instead of the traditional solvents.

The Printing Material and Machinery Group continue to play a major role in Trans World Trading Co., Inc.’s mission of serving the Philippine Economy by being A Trusted Partner to all its clients.

Our Products

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Photopolymer Printing Plate | Waterbased Flexographic Inks | Photopolymer Solvent Developer | Plate Mounting Cushion & Plastic Strips | Vacuum Sheet | UV Exposure Lamps and Ballast

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress Printing Plate | UV Printing Inks | Plate Making Processor Machine


Offset Printing

Rubber Blanket | Conventional & UV Offset Inks | Anti-set off Spray Powder | Water-based Overprint Varnish

Adhesive Materials

Double Sided Plate Mounting Tape | Paper & Plastic Splicing Tape | Roller Wrapping Tape | Plate Edge Sealing Tape | Plate Making Processor Machine

Trusted Partners


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