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Semicon Raw Materials

Epoxy Molding Compound

Green and Non Green Molding Compound

MUF (Mold Under Fill)

Standard Pellets (35mm to 58mm Diameter/30g to 174g)

Mini Pellets (9.8mm to 18mm Diameter/2.0g to 13.5g)

Granulated Molding Compound (Compression molding)

Filler sieve sizes 20um, 25um, 32um, 45um, 55um, 75um and 125um.

Epoxy Die Attach Paste

Dispensing, B-Stage, Screen Printable, Die Attach Film

Conductive and Non Conductive type

Silver filled and Non Silver filled

Oven Cure, Snap Cure and Pot cure type of curing

EFD/ Musashi syringe (5cc /10cc), Bottle (30g, 50g, 100g)

UV Dicing Tape & Cover Tape

UV Dicing Tape for Wafer and Package

Dicing Film

Cover Tape for Carrier Tape Materials