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TRANS WORLD TRADING COMPANY, INC. (“TWT” or “company”) is the most respected and diversified chemicals, materials, and machinery trading company and solutions provider in the Philippines.

Founded by Don Pablo K. T. Uy on December 10, 1946 as an importer of critically-needed consumer items during post-war reconstruction, the Trans World Trading brand has been symbol of Trust and Reliability for 77 years.

In 1959, the company pioneered the trading of plastic resins in the Philippines, importing synthetic resins from the world’s leading petrochemical producers. Over six decades later, and through its longtime partnerships with The Polyethylene Company, Sumitomo Chemicals, and the Toyo Ink Group of Japan, Trans World is a major provider of materials, machinery and solutions to the plastics, packaging and printing industries.

In 1972, TWT began operations from its newly constructed headquarters, Don Pablo Building, in Makati, the country’s premier business district. The company subsequently expanded into industrial, personal care, aviation and refinery chemicals, water treatment chemicals and services, and food machinery and ingredients.

In partnership with Sumitomo Bakelite, Trans World has supplied the semiconductor industry with electronic molding compounds and other related materials since the 1980s.

In 1988, with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan as joint venture partner, Trans World Agro Products was established to focus on the sale and distribution of specialty agrochemical products to the banana and pineapple plantations in Mindanao. The business soon expanded into the general farm markets with its team of agronomists and warehouses in Davao City in Mindanao, Iloilo City in the Visayas, and Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon serving as a base for this growing business.

By 2006, TWT’s decades of growth and expansion led it to construct a Responsible-Care certified logistics facility in Laguna Technopark, with separate temperature controlled areas for the storage of food ingredients. In 2020, warehousing capacity was increased with the completion of a new general warehouse facility, as well as a chemicals building to accommodate storage for both flammable and corrosive materials. This facility was granted ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in 2022.


Within this facility, TWT established and operates the Technopark Industrial Laboratory Inc. (TILI), a laboratory that serves the water and chemical testing requirements of third parties, while at the same time ensuring the sustained in-house quality monitoring of its own products. TILI is accredited by the Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) for water and wastewater testing; and the Department of Health (DOH) for drinking water potability testing. In 2023, TILI was granted accreditation by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau based on PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in the field of Chemical Testing.

In 2018, TWT inaugurated the Food Creation Center, a state-of-the art test kitchen laboratory to serve customers of its food machinery and ingredients business for innovation and development purposes. The Personal Care Research Center was established the same year to test and provide customized solutions and product variants for customers in the consumer and home care product manufacturing industries.

In 2022, the BCH Park II Logistics site, with temperature controlled spaces for food ingredients, was established in Lahug, Cebu City to service the needs of our Visayan customer base.

Now in its third generation of leadership, TWT aims to bring the best possible service and value to its customers and suppliers with its position as an innovative and reliable solutions provider to Philippine industry.


A trusted full-service conglomerate continuously evolving to provide the best service and value for its suppliers and customers while serving as an impetus for economic growth.


To continuously build, expand, and enhance partnerships through dedication, service excellence, reliability and innovation.

To realize new business opportunities in order to create increased value for shareholders.

To be a value-adding partner in the nation through ventures in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Core Values


World-Class Innovation, Service, Efficiency, and Reliability


Commitment and Concern